Our advantages:

  • We employ professionals.
  • We use advanced technologies, love to automate various business processes, implement many interesting features and are constantly developing.
  • We rotate our personnel, train and develop employees, give them the opportunity to practice new skills and move up the career ladder within the company.
  • Beginners gain a strong knowledge base and good experience.
  • More experienced professionals get the opportunitytake initiative / proposeintroducing new features, participating in the development of the project, as well as mentoring experience, teaching and transferring knowledge to new or younger colleagues.
  • We have been working steadily for more than 12 years, we continue to grow both in number and in the expansion of the project, we haveambitiousplans for further promotion on the Ukrainian market and beyond.
  • We are officially employed, we provide paid leave 24 calendar days a year and paid sick leave in accordance with the Labor Code of Ukraine.
  • We have a great team, a comfortable office and delicious coffee.

Who are we looking for:

  • Professionals who are enthusiastic and in love with IT technologies, who are always interested in learning and implementing something new.
  • Young and talented guys who are constantly developing and monitoring the trends of the IT market.
  • Specialists who will share our values and will be interested in long-term work within our project.
  • Friendly colleagues to our team))


Current vacancies:

Development team: