Do you know how to professionally express your thoughts and understand the difference between a virtual and a physical server?

– Then you have every chance to get into our team of professionals, because we are looking for a HIGHLY QUALIFIED copywriter!

What is important to us?

We need a specialist who knows a lot about technologies and services that our hosting provides. That is why we really want to find it among our clients.

The main task is: prepare materials for blog posting.

Our technicians will write "drafts" future articles, after which the main task for a copywriter will be to adapt them for understanding by an ordinary user.

Employment type: remote work;

Volume of articles: each article is at least 4000 characters;

Requirements for the text: structuredness, literacy, Habr level expertise;


If you are interested in our offer, write to us by e-mail and get more comprehensive information (+ test task).

We accept requests until 15.06.2020... Thanks in advance to everyone who responds to our proposal!