1.2.7. Authorizations report

The report on authorizations in the account is located on the tab "Security" in section "Personal data".

  • "IP address" - the address from which the control panel was opened. The flag of the country and the city to which the address belongs are also displayed.
  • "Login" - date and time of the beginning of the session.
  • "Logout" - date and time of the end of the session.
  • "2-step authentication" - usage information 2-step authentication at login to the account. A few examples:
    • "Login with a code that was sent by SMS" - login was confirmed using a call or a code from an SMS.
    • "Login with a code that was generated by Google Authenticator" - when login, the code generated was used authenticator app.
    • "Login was allowed in Telegram account" - login was confirmed using the bound Telegram account via our Telegram bot.
    • "Login with a cookie code" - when login, the data was used that was saved in the browser after the previous successful login with a checked option "Remember me on this computer".
    • "" (dash) - login was not confirmed (either confirmation in the browser was performed earlier and the data was saved in its cache, or 2-step authentication was not enabled for the account at the time of login).

Log contains information about authorizations for the last 3 months.