1.2.3. Account protection

The most common way to steal an account is first by hacking the mailbox to which it is attached (either by using a virus that intercepts the password when the user enters it, or by guessing / recovering the password, or in other ways), after which, using the hacked mailbox, the attacker can reset login password and get full access to your websites and domains.

To avoid this, be sure to use 2-step authentication... After her inclusions at entrance it will be necessary not only to enter into the control panel account mail and password, but also additionally confirm the login using our Telegram bot or enter a special one-time code generated by the authenticator application installed on the mobile device (or, if added phone number, request a call and use the last 4 digits of the number from which it will come as a code). Without additional confirmation, the entrance to the control panel will be impossible. Thus, you will reliably protect your account from hacking.