1.14. List of account services

A list of all hosting accounts, domains, VPS and dedicated servers of the account is displayed in the section "List of services ":

All services are divided into blocks corresponding to their type:

For each service the following is displayed:

  • Service name - name hosting account, domain, VPS or dedicated server number.
  • For hosting-accounts and VPS is the name of the current tariff plan. By clicking on the name of the hosting account tariff, a window is displayed with a description of its characteristics and the cost when paying for different periods.
  • Payment status — shows whether the service has been paid for or not, and the date of its expiration.
  • Depending on who owns the service:
    • If the service belongs to the current account — the button is displayed refusal of service.
    • If the owner of the service is another user and to her delegated access — the mark is displayed "Access granted".