8.14. Payment via EasyPay terminals

You can top up through EasyPay terminals personal balance. For replenishment use your account identifier (ID). After replenishing your personal balance, you can pay the services you need.

EasyPay terminals can be found on their website.


After you top up your personal balance through EasyPay, you will definitely need to log into your account and pay services from the balance. If you just top up your balance, the services will not last.
  1. Find the EasyPay terminal.
  2. From the terminal menu select "Web money and more»:
  3. Clickon "Next 38 service(s)»:
  4. Click on our logo:
  5. Enter as account number your account identifier (ID) and press "Further»:
  6. Make sure you enter the correct one ID. To do this, the system will show you a partially hidden your account email (instead of part of the address there will be a symbol *). Enter the required amount of money and click "Further»:
  7. EasyPay will ask you to enter your phone number. You can skip this step. Click on "Further»:
  8. The terminal will offer to print a receipt. Click on "Yes» and be sure to keep the receipt:
  9. Pay necessary services from a personal balance.

Your personal balance is replenished instantly. The amount you deposited is credited to the account. Transaction fees are not charged.


If the payment is not credited, contact technical support and provide a copy of the receipt printed by the terminal.