8.4. Electronic document management

Electronic document management is a method of exchanging documents in electronic form using an electronic digital signature (EDS). It is legally available to all Ukrainian companies and entrepreneurs.

  • In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "About digital signature", documents signed with an EDS have the same legal force as paper documents with a signature and seal.
  • Electronic document management services work correctly with EDS of all major ACCs of Ukraine, including the tax service, the Ministry of Justice, PrivatBank and others.
  • The use of electronic document management services allows you to get rid of the need to store paper documents and spend time searching and processing them.
  • All documents in electronic document management services are stored on reliable servers in encrypted form.
  • When storing documents in electronic document management services, their loss is excluded, so there is no need to expose them again.
  • You can work with documents anywhere from any device. You only need to have access to the Internet and an EDS key to sign them.
  • Receiving documents through Vchasno and work with Paperless absolutely free.