Registration at Vchasno

  1. Fill out the form and click "Register":
    • "Email" - specify the mail to which the account will be registered in Vchasno (you can use the same address as account mail on our website).
    • "Guess the password" - enter a password.
    • Read the offer and privacy policy, then check the box opposite "I will wait with the offer and the privacy policy".
    • "Phone" - enter your phone number.
    • "Name" - enter your name.
  2. Check the specified mail, find the confirmation email and follow the link from it:If the letter is not among the inboxes and in other folders, try to request it on the site Vchasno again:
  3. Pass validation using EDS (alternatively, you can use MobileID):
    1. Step 1. Select an electronic key issued by any ACSK of Ukraine (for example, used for signing tax invoices):
    2. Step 2. Enter the key password and read the key:
    3. Step 3. Check the data and confirm its correctness:
  4. After successfully passing the validation, you can get acquainted with a brief overview of the service's capabilities or go directly to the documents: