Registration in Vchasno

  1. Fill out the form and click "Register»:
    • "Email» - your mail, to which the account will be registered in Vchasno (you can use the same address as account mail on our website).
    • "Password» — your password.
    • "Phone number» - Your phone number.
    • "Name» - your name.
    • Read the offer and privacy policy, then check «I agree with the offer of Vchasno, Vchasno.EDI, Vchasno.Casa, Vchasno.KEP and privacy policy".
  2. Check the specified mail, find the confirmation email and follow the link from it:If the letter is not among the inboxes and in other folders, try to request it on the site Hourly again:
  3. Pass validation using EDS (alternatively, you can use MobileID):
    1. Step 1... Select an electronic key issued by any ACSK of Ukraine (for example, used for signing tax invoices):
    2. Step 2... Enter the key password and read the key:
    3. Step 3... Check the data and confirm its correctness:
  4. After successfully passing the validation, you can get acquainted with a brief overview of the service's capabilities or go directly to the documents: