Signing and sending the document via Vchasno


To send us documents in the service Vchasno indicate the counterparty's EDRPOU 37593550.
  1. Log in to your account in the service Vchasno. If you don't have it, signup.
  2. Clickon "Upload document»:
  3. Make sure the dropdown is selected. "Double-sided documents" and the switch is set opposite "First signature from your company" and then press "Select Documents» and download the pre-prepared document:
  4. From the menu on the left, select "Outgoing»:
  5. In the list of documents, open the downloaded document:
  6. In the block "Signing" in field "EDRPOU/TIN of the counterparty" enter 37593550 (our EDRPOU) and click first "Pick up email", and then "Assign a counterparty»:
  7. Clickon "Sign and send»:
  8. Clickon "Specify the CEP/EDS key» and download the key file:
  9. Enter the key password and click "Count»:
  10. Clickon "Sign and send документы»:
  11. After signing, the service will inform you that the document has been successfully signed and sent:
  12. Expect the results of the review of the document (usually within a few minutes from the moment of signing and sending).