8.6.1. Description of the loyalty program

Important points:

  • Status according to the loyalty program, the account is updated once a day.
  • Personal balance replenishment does not affect the turnover. Only funds spent on payment for services are taken into account in the turnover.
  • Loyalty program discounts do not apply to promotional services and when using promotional codes.

Loyalty program — a system of discounts, the level of which is determined status according to the loyalty program. Each status is assigned depending on a certain level turnover account. The more money spent on services, the higher the status and more discounts.

Account turnover - the amount of funds spent by the account owner to pay for all hosting services from the moment registration (virtual, businesshosting, Additional services, domain registration, rent VPS, dedicated servers and dedicated IP to them).

The turnover is recorded in USD. This allows you to avoid the influence of the instability of exchange rates, frequent recalculation of the amounts of turnover for the statuses of the loyalty program and the downgrading of these statuses for users. Turnover is calculated at the exchange rate at the time of invoicing.

There are 5 statuses available in the loyalty program:

  • Base - turnover less than 75 $ (initial status).
  • Bronze - turnover over 75 $.
  • Silver — turnover over 180 $.
  • Gold — turnover over 330 $.
  • Platinum — turnover over 630 $.

You can find out the current status by instruction. Status can carryover between accounts.

Apply to services:

The cost of services, including discounts, can be viewed here.

flowchart LR subgraph hosting [Hosting] shared[Shared hosting] business[Business hosting] extra[Extra services] end subgraph domain [Domains ] register[Registration] renew[Renew] transfer[Transfer] preorder[Pre-order] premium[Premiumdomains] redemption[Conclusion from Redemprion] end subgraph other [Other services] VPS Dedicated storage[Vaults] MongoDB end loyality[Loyalty program] yes[Distributedby] no[Does not apply] loyality --> yes loyality --> no yes --> shared yes --> register yes --> renew yes --> transfer yes --> preorder no -.-x business no -.-x extra no -.-x premium no -.-x redemption no -.-x VPS no -.-x Dedicated no -.-x storage no -.-x MongoDB