8.3.1. General information about the referral program

A referral (affiliate) program allows you to attract customers to hosting and receive remuneration in the form of a certain percentage of deductions from payments for a number of services performed by the attracted customers.

For detailed information on the referral program, please follow the links:

Services for which referral fees are accrued:

Services for which referral fees have never been credited:

Important points:

  • Referrals (attracted users) are automatically counted only if they registered via a referral link, or a button or banner containing such a link. The registered user ID is immediately displayed in jump list.
  • Referral link can be any page of the site ukraine.com.ua with the addition of the GET parameter ?page=XXXXXXwhere instead of XXXXXX your identifier.
  • The referral reward is 10% of the amount of the invoices paid by the attracted user only if he is retail customer. If the attracted client receives a status by loyalty program, the remuneration for such a client will be 1%.
  • Referral remuneration is not charged in the following cases:
    • The order was placed using a promo code.
    • The service was paid for at a promotional price or at a discount price.
    • The referral has requested a refund.
  • The information in the section is updated once a day.

sequenceDiagram autonumber participant U1 as User participant U2 as Referral U1->>U2: Referral link U2->>U2: Registration via referral link U2-->>U1: Appears in the list of transitions Note over U1: Data is updated once a day loop Payment for services and fees U2->>U2: Payment for regular hosting or domain Note over U2: Payment must be without promo codes, promotions, etc. alt Basic status U2->>U1: 10% else Bronze status or higher U2->>U1: 1% end Note over U2: Each payment increases turnover end Note over U1: Withdrawals are available after 30 days U1->>U1: Applying for withdrawal of funds Note over U1: Withdrawal within 10 days