5.1. General information about dedicated servers

Dedicated server — a type of hosting, in which the client is provided with a separate physical machine (as opposed to virtual hosting). Typically used to run applications that cannot coexist on the same server with other projects or have increased resource requirements.

The client gets full access to the server, that is, the password from the root user. This means that the user himself is responsible for setting up, organizing work and maintaining the software on the server.

After the server is transferred to the client, we do not store passwords from it, all subsequent operations that are performed on the server by the client, we do not log and do not keep records, we do not provide server administration, therefore, in the case of a client request, prompt the password or suggest how to fix it. this or that error, we cannot give a direct answer, since we did not have access to the resource and did not make any changes, in fact, we do not know the reasons for the problems.

Change configuration

After ordering a dedicated server, you can order additional components or replace the current ones. To clarify the possibility of making changes to the configuration and the availability of components, contact technical support.