3.6.11. Connecting a domain to Tilda

Wildcard write error

After setting up a domain in the Tilda service, a note may occur "You have specified a wildcard entry in DNS, replace it with A-records of a specific domain…"... This remark is only a recommendation in nature and no action with wildcard are not required, since it does not affect the operation of Tilda and the main domain. If necessary, you can delete.

Use presets from the group "Tilda".

NS of domain

The domain must be served on our NS... If third-party NS are used, the actions need to be performed not with us, but in the panel of their owner.
  1. Copy Tilda IP from instructions on their website.
  2. Edit address records of type A for the main domain and subdomain www — in the field "Data" specify for them the IP copied from the instruction (if there are no such records, add their):
  3. If the domain has AAAA records for the primary domain and www subdomain, remove their:
  4. Wait for the update DNS cache... This usually takes several hours (maximum 24).
  1. If there are any records like AAAA or CNAME, remove their:
  2. Add or editif they exist, two DNS-records with the following data:
    Subdomain Type Data
    First recording Subdomain name (for example, sub) A XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
    Second entry Subdomain name with www (for example, www.sub) A XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX
    • Instead sub specify the required subdomain.
    • Instead XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX provide the IP address of Tilda from instructions on their website.
  3. Wait for the update DNS cache... This usually takes several hours (maximum 24).