Transfer of .CRIMEA.UA, .YALTA.UA and .SEBASTOPOL.UA domains

Important points:

  • Attention! Registrant contact details (current domain owner) necessarily must match owner's data and account typeto which the transfer is made.
  • NS domains can only be changed before the start of the transfer or after it is completed, during the transfer can't be changed. After completing the NS domain transfer do not change automatically on our.
  • Only the current registrar (who is giving the domain) can speed up the transfer.
  1. Specify your contact information (nic-handle from the UANIC database) in the domain's administrative contact (ADMIN-C). You can register a new nic-handle yourself:
    1. On the Hostmaster's website on the page "Nic-handle operations" click "Registration of a record of an individual" or "Registration of a legal entity record".
    2. Fill out the form and click "Send". After that, you will be assigned a new nic-handle (for example, UKRAINE-UANIC).
    3. Contact your current registrar with a request to indicate your nic-handle in the ADMIN-C field.
  2. Notify the current registrar of your intention to transfer your domain to the company:
    • Registrar IDukraine.
    • Yur. NameLLC "Hosting.XYZ LTD".
  3. Request a domain transfer code from your current registrar - Auth-Code. The code looks like transfer-xxxxxxxxxxxx.
  1. Make sure the domain prepared to the transfer.
  2. Contact technical support and let us know in the chat the domain name and transfer code that the current registrar gave you.