2.1.12. Division of sites by hosting accounts

Often the question arises — use one hosting account for several sites or use a separate hosting account for each site. It should be noted right away that working with multiple hosting accounts in the hosting control panel is very convenient. There is no need to enter a username and password for each account, the transition between them takes place inside your account, you just choose the required shortcut or name of the hosting account in the drop-down list.

  • More resources are allocated for each site (100 cpu minutes for each hosting account).
  • Higher security — if one of the sites has a vulnerability, then the second site will not be infected with a virus.
  • More inodes (300,000 allocated for each hosting account).
  • Higher stability of work — if one of the sites uses all the disk space, this will not affect the work of the other site in any way.
  • Higher reliability — if the accounts are located on different servers, then the failure of one server will not entail the failure of other sites.
  • Can delegate access to the site by third-party specialists without the risk that they can access the data of your other sites.

The cost of hosting sites in separate hosting accounts is higher than hosting all sites in one.

It is necessary to host sites in separate hosting accounts that are important or profitable. If there are several sites that have not yet been launched, are under development, or have little traffic and do not bring profit, then such sites can be placed in one hosting account to save money.