2.16.2. Create a backup


  • The created backups are stored for 10 days, after which they are automatically deleted.
  • Backups are not available for sites that have root directory is a symlink. Files of such sites will be available only in a copy of the entire hosting account. Possible solutions:
    • Place the site files so that the directory pointed to by the symlink can be specified as root, and delete the symlink itself.
    • To extract site files connect directly via FTP to the hosting account backup.


  • The created backups are stored on a separate server and do not occupy hosting account disk space.
  • The size of the created database backup can be significantly less than the actual size of the hosted database.
  • The information about the performed operations is stored for 10 days.
  1. Open the section «Backup ».
  2. Click «Create a backup».
  3. Select the type of backup:
    • «Database» - creating an archive with a database dump or all databases of the hosting account. Note Backups are created with all tables, procedures, functions, etc.
    • «Account (only files, no databases)» - creating an archive with all files and directories of the hosting account. The databases of this hosting account are not included in the archive.
    • «Site (only files, no database)» - creating an archive with content root directory site. The database of this site is not included in the archive.
  4. Select the name of a specific database, account or site:
    For databases, the option is also available. «All databases in one archive».
  5. Select a suitable date from the list of available ones or an option «Current version»:
  6. Click «Create a »:
  7. Wait for the operation to complete. Creation can take from several minutes to several hours, depending on the workload of the backup server, the queue of requests on it and the amount of data being processed.

After the completion of the operation account mail and in linked Telegram account a notification will be sent.

For convenience, you can add an arbitrary note to the ordered copy:

The created copy can be: