Problems when working with Bitrix

Error! Default parameter_socket_timeout = 5, 60 is required.

We recommend that you ignore this error. The parameter has been reduced on purpose so that the site opens with a delay of 5 seconds, instead of 60, in situations when an external data source to which the site scripts are connected is unavailable.

Error! Sql variable_mode in MySQL should be empty, current value is NO_DIR_IN_CREATE.

We recommend that you ignore this error. The value of the variable does not affect the work of Bitrix, but its absence can affect the stability of the backup operation, since by mistake the user can specify the wrong directory for storing data.

Pcre.recursion parameter_limit defaults to 100000.

This warning can be ignored. present value pcre.recursion_limit in practice, it does not cause problems in the work of Bitrix.