Setting up mail in Bitrix

There are many modules to expand the functionality of Bitrix. To configure the ability to send mail, you need to install the module "Sending mail via SMTP".

To configure a module, do the following:

  1. In chapter "Settings → Module settings" select module "Sending mail via SMTP":
  2. Switch to tab "General settings", check the box next to "Enable module" and save the changes:
  3. Switch to tab "Production site" (the name of the tab may differ), specify the SMTP connection settings (if the mailbox through which the sending will be performed is hosted with us, you need to use connection data) and save the changes:
    • "Server" — specify the address of the mail server.
    • "Port" — specify the port used to connect to the mail server.
    • "Connection protection" — indication of the encryption protocol (when connecting to boxes located with us, in the case of using the port 465 choose SSL, otherwise set Do not use).
    • "Authorization required " — check the box.
    • "Greeting type" — depending on the mail server, this parameter may change. When connecting to mailboxes hosted by us, select Extended HELO (EHLO).
    • "Login" — specify the full name of the mailbox from which the sending will be performed.
    • "Password" — enter the password for the mailbox.
    • "Sender's name" — specify the name that will be displayed to the recipient.
    • "E-mail for reply" — specify the mailbox that will be used to reply to the letter (header Reply-to).
    • "Encoding" — do not change this parameter if there are no additional instructions from the mail service that is used.
    • "Importance" — select the level of importance of the emails to be sent.
    • "Duplicate messages" — when this parameter is set, letters will be additionally sent to recipients from the settings of the main module.