Installing Open Journal Systems (OJS)

Before installation:

  1. Install for the site PHP version 7.1 or higher.
  2. Download from official site on your PC an archive with the distribution kit of the latest version of Open Journal Systems.
  3. Place the distribution files on the hosting:
    1. Through filemanager or any FTPclient upload the archive to hosting in root directory preliminarily added site.
    2. Unpack downloaded archive with filemanager... If the archive file has the extension tar.gz and is not unpacked, change its extension to tarand then try unpacking again.
    3. In the site directory, create a directory named files by using filemanager or any FTPclient.
  4. Prepare the database:
    • If there is no free database, create new.
    • If there is an unused database, you can clear and use it.
  1. Open the site in a browser.
  2. Specify information for installation:
    • Review the installation system self-diagnostics (in the section "Pre-Installation Steps" opposite all elements should be "Yes"), if self—diagnosis indicates problems — restore standard access rights for the specified files and folders.
    • "Administrator Account" — specify administrator details:
      • "Username" — login.
      • "Password" — password.
      • "Repeat password" — Repeat password.
      • "Email" — mailbox.
    • "Locale Settings" — set language settings:
      • "Primary locale" — select the main language that will be installed for the entire site.
      • "Additional locales" — select additional languages to be installed with CMS.
    • "File Settings" — specify the path to the previously created directory files... By default, the path is specified /home/example/example.com/files (insteadof example should be hosting account nameand instead of example.com — Name of the site). Be sure to create this directory if it has not been done before and does not exist.
    • "Database Settings" — specify the settings for connecting to the database:
      • "Database driver" — select "MySQLi" (with i at the end).
      • "Host" - instead of localhost indicate host (server) address databases.
      • "Username" — specify Username (login) Database.
      • "Password" — specify user password Database.
      • "Database name" — specify title Database.
      • "Create new database" — uncheck this parameter.
    • "OAI Settings" — provide a name that will be used to identify the metadata.
  3. Clickon "Install Open Journal Systems".
  4. Check the site is working.