Setting up mail in Webasyst

In the Webasyst framework, there are mail sending settings with the ability to configure mail sending for multiple mail addresses. To configure mail, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to section "Settings → Email settings".
  2. "Email address for notifications" — specify the mailbox to which event notifications will be sent.
  3. "Sender email address" — specify the mailbox that will be used to reply to the letter (header Reply-to).
  4. "Transport" — select the method for sending letters:
    • "PHP mail () function " Not recommended — field "Options" leave blank unless specific options are required. Heading FROM do not specify for letters.
    • "Sendmail" Not recommended - in field "Team" indicate /usr/sbin/sendmail (no additional keys):
    • "SMTP" Recommended — sending letters through a connection to an existing mailbox (if the mailbox through which the sending will be performed is located with us, use connection data):
      • "Server" — specify the address of the mail server.
      • "Port" — specify the port used to connect to the mail server.
      • "Login" — specify the full name of the mailbox from which the sending will be performed.
      • "Password" — enter the password for the mailbox.
      • "Encryption" — in case of using the port 465 choose "SSL", otherwise set "No".
  5. "Add email sending rule" — adding rules for additional framework applications using different settings for each. All settings are identical except for DKIM. When using SMTP for mailboxes located at our site, DKIM can be configured by instruction, while the parameter itself does not need to be activated.
  6. After specifying all the data, save the changes.