Setting up a 404 page in Webasyst


When enabled optimization settings a custom 404 page won't work correctly for URLwhere the word is present pagespeed... To fix the problem, you need to disable optimization settings or not use links with similar keywords.

To set up your own page in Webasyst in the site admin panel, go to the section "Site → Design → Templates" and open the file error.html: In the file, you can change the structure so that error handling is carried out separately, for example:

{if $error_code == 404}<h1>Error {$error_code}.</h1>
Unfortunately, the page you requested was not found. Probably, You entered a non-existent address, the page has been deleted, moved or is currently temporarily unavailable!
{elseif $error_code}<h1>{$error_code}.
{if $error_message}{$error_message}{else}[s`Error`]{/if}
[s`The requested resource is not available.`]
In most cases, automatic translation of text templates is enabled, so after changing the text, it can only be displayed in one language.