2.23.7. Python

On shared hosting servers, Python interpreters 2 (version 2.7) and 3 (versions 3.3 and 3.6) are available by default. To run Python scripts as CGI applications use instruction... If you have problems with Cyrillic output, check out this information.

Byconnecting to hosting via SSH, you can check the version numbers of the interpreters and the lists of available modules.

To view the version of Python, use the key -V or –version:

python3.6 -V
python3.6 --version

Interpreter path:

python3 -V
python3 --version

Interpreter path:

python2 -V
python2 --version

Interpreter path:


To view the list of available modules:

  1. Enter interactive mode:
    • Python 2:
    • Python 3:
    • Python 3.6:
  2. Run the command:
  3. To exit interactive mode, press the combination Ctrl+D or run the command:

You can install additional modules by instructions. You can also leave a review in the reviews and suggestions section on our website so that the administration considers the possibility of its global installation.