2.21.2. DDoS Protection

Information about DDoS attacks can be found in the section "HostingDDoS protection":

In the upper block, you can verify, is the IP address blocked by our DDoS protection system, and if the address is blocked, unblock it:

The whitelist is general. If no IP is added and the message is displayed "IP address has already been added in another account", then the address has already been added to the whitelist in your other hosting account or another user's hosting account. In this case, you do not need to add it again.

In the block below, you can add the IP address to the white list of the DDoS protection system:

If this section is not displayed on the page, then you should go to it by URL... Information is displayed only for active hostingaccount.

The middle block displays information about attacks directed at the sites of your hosting account: