2.16.2. Detailed information on disk space

To view detailed disk space information, click "More details " in the block "Disk space" in section "Hosting ":

Important points:

  • Disk space information is updated only upon request. The update is performed within 10 minutes after submitting the request.
  • You can update information for each hosting account no more than 1 time per hour.

To update the data in the block with diagrams, click "Refresh" and wait for about 5-10 minutes:


  • The data is recorded every 4 hours and is displayed for the last 6 months.
  • Graphs are displayed without regard to location, busy with mail.

The graphs display the history of disk space and inodes usage:

The detailed information displays:

  • Data about the total, used and free volumes of disk space.
  • Data on the distribution of the used disk space between FTP and MySQL.
  • Data on the total number of occupied and free inodes.
  • Location data occupied FTP, MySQL and mailboxes:
    Data on the volumes and number of inodes occupied by files, directories and subdirectories of the root directory of the hosting account, as well as system directory for temporary files .system/tmp:

    By default, the list displays general information about the site directory (the sum of the volumes of the main subdomain and all subdomains, as well as the sum of inodes). By clicking on the name of the site, you can expand / collapse the data on the catalogs of its subdomains.

    Specific volume data databases:
    Specific volume data mailboxes:

To clear the system directory for temporary files .system/tmp click "clear":