2.5.8. Changing access rights

  1. Highlight the file or directory for which you want to change access rights, right-click on it and select "Permissions":
  2. Set the necessary rights using checkmarks or numbers and click "Set permissions for selected…", or use the button "Default" to set standard rights:
  • Only directories selected "Add X for directories" - sets law "Execution (X)"The required to access the contents of the directory.
  • Selected contains directories "Set permissions recursively" — determines whether it is necessary to change the rights for the contents of the selected directory. Available options:
    • "For files and directories" — the rights will be changed for all selected files, directories and the contents of these directories.
    • "For files only" — the rights will be changed only for the selected files and files in the selected directories. The rights to directories will not be affected.
    • "For directories only" — permissions will be changed only for the selected directories and their subdirectories. File permissions will not be affected.