FTP connection setup in FileZilla


Before connecting, check FTP security settings - the IP address from which the connection will be made must be added to the allowed ones, or access restrictions must be disabled.
  1. Open the section «File → Site Manager…»:
  2. Click «New website»:
  3. Fill in the fields on the tab «General»:
    • «Protocol» - select «FTP - File Transfer Protocol».
    • «Host» - specify host from FTP connection data.
    • «Port» - specify the port 21.
    • «Encryption» - select an encryption option:
      • «Use explicit FTP over TLS if available».
      • «Require FTP over TLS (explicit)».
      • «Require FTP over TLS (implicit)».
      • «Use regular FTP (not secure)» — recommended if there are problems using the previous options.
    • «Login type» — select «Normal».
    • «User » — specify the login from FTP connection data.
    • «Password» — specify FTP user password.
  4. Turn on passive mode on the tab «Transfer settings»:
  5. In the tab «Encoding» set the switch opposite «UTF-8 forced» and press «Connect» or «OK»:
  6. If a warning about an unknown certificate is displayed, it means that encryption was used during the connection (FTP over TLS) and the certificate is not in the FileZilla cache (this is typical for the first connection) or has changed (for example, due to transferring the hosting account to another server). To prevent a warning from being displayed each time you connect, check the box next to «Always accept a certificate in future sessions» and «Trust this certificate from the list of additional hosts»... To connect, click «OK»: