Setting up an SFTP connection in FileZilla

  1. Open the section «File → Site Manager…»:
  2. Click «New website»:
  3. Specify settings on the tab «General»:
    • «Protocol» — «SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol».
    • «Host» — SSH host.
    • «Port» — 22.
    • «Login type» — «Normal».
    • «User » — SSH login.
    • «Password» — SSH password.
  4. Turnon «UTF-8 forced» in the tab «Encoding» and press «Connect» or «OK»:
  5. An unknown key warning is displayed when the server key is not in the FileZilla cache (for example, on the first connection) or when the server key does not match the key in the cache (for example, due to transferring the hosting account to another server). To prevent a warning every time you connect, enable «Always trust this host, add the key to the cache»... Click to connect «OK»: