Error "EAI_NONAME" in FileZilla

Error "EAI_NODATA - No address Associated with nodename" or "EAI_NONAME - Either nodename nor servname provided, or not known" has to do with the inability to translate the hostname FTP-server to its IP address. As a result FTP- the client does not know where to connect, since it is impossible to find the server without knowing its IP address.

  • Incorrect work DNS- the server of the Internet provider, from the network of which the connection is attempted.
  • Recently ordering a hosting service, due to which the hostname did not have time to be updated on the side DNS-servers.
  • Typo in hostname FTP-server.
  1. First of all, make sure that FTP connection data are correct and there are no extra spaces or other extraneous characters in the host address field.
  2. Define direct IP address FTP-server. For example, this can be done on our website using the tool "Ping"by specifying the host address FTP-servers in the search box:
  3. Specify the resulting IP address instead of the hostname when setting up an FTP connection:


Alternatively (instead of replacing the hostname with an IP address) might also help setting up public DNS Cloudflare / Google.