Setting up FTP connection in Total Commander

The article describes the procedure for connecting to hosting by FTP using the file manager Total Commander.

Before connecting

Make sure the following requirements are met:

  • The IP from which the connection will be made has been added to the list of allowed in FTP security settings.
  • At least 15-30 minutes have passed since the IP was added to the allowed list.
  1. From the main menu select "Network → Connect with FTP-server…" or press combination Ctrl+F:
  2. Clickon "Add to…":
  3. Fill in the fields on the tab "General":
    • "Connection name" - specify an arbitrary name for the connection. For example, the name of the site, user FTP or hosting account.
    • "Server [:Port]" - specify host from FTP connection data... Since the connection is on a standard port 21, it can be omitted.
    • "SSL/TLS" - check the box to use encryption. In case of connection problems, uncheck the box to use a regular connection without encryption.
    • "Account" — specify the login from FTP connection data.
    • "Password" — specify FTP user password.
    • "Passive exchange mode (like a web browser)" - be sure to check the box.
  4. In the tab "Extended" against "File name encoding" choose "UTF-8" and press "OK":
  5. Select the created connection in the list on the left and click "Connect":
  6. Turnon binary data transfer mode.