Configuring Key Authentication in WinSCP

When connecting via SFTP or SCP in WinSCP, key authentication can be used instead of passwords.

To set up key authentication, do the following:

  1. Generate a key pair in any of the ways.
  2. Add public key on the server.
  3. Convert the private key to the format .ppk using the utility PuTTYgen:
    1. Run puttygen.exe.
    2. In the menu, click "Conversions → Import key":
    3. Select the generated private key file id_rsa.
    4. Clickon "Save private key":
    5. If a warning appears stating that a passphrase is missing, click "Yes"to continue without it (or you can press "No"to go back and specify it):
    6. Save the resulting private key in a safe place.
  4. When setting up a connection via SFTP or SCP in WinSCP, instead of specifying a password, do the following:
    1. Clickon "Yet…":
    2. In chapter "SSH → Authentication" use the button with three dots to specify in the field "Private key file" path to the previously saved private key and click "OK":
  5. Check the connection.