2.6.9. Hidden system directories

So that when connecting, all hidden and system files and directories are displayed at once, instead of connecting via FTP use an SFTP connection (FileZilla, WinSCP) or SCP (WinSCP).

A number of system directories are for security purposes and by default are not displayed in the directory list when connected via FTP... Examples of such directories: .system, .ssh, .cagefs, .cl.selector.

To access the contents of such directories by FTP, you need to connect using any FTP-client and explicitly indicate in the address bar of this FTP-client path to the desired directory.

V FileZilla after connecting, you need to manually register the path to the directory in the field "Remote site":

V Total Commander after connecting, you need to enter the command cd and the path to the directory in the built-in command line:

To clear the directory .system/tmp from the control panel, use the clear button in detailed information about disk space.