2.6.6. FTP logs

Logs FTP are in the section "Hosting → Logs FTP": The log looks like this:

  • "Time" - the time of the operation.
  • "IP" - IP address from which the operation was performed. By clicking on the address, operations will be automatically filtered by this IP.
  • "Login" - name FTP user.
  • "Action" - performed command and the response code.

Use the search box at the top of the log to filter records.

Important points:

  • Logs are stored only for the current and three previous months, and only for those days when any actions were performed on FTP... Logs for earlier dates are not stored.
  • The current date in the list is always available, regardless of whether there are entries in the log or not.
  • After execution technical check of the site our IP can be found in the logs. This is due to the fact that the technical check also checks the availability of access by FTP.
  • The logs do not save any actions performed using filemanager.

To download the log for the selected day, click "Download" in the upper right corner of the log:

To download the log for a month, click "Download for month" in the list of available dates:

When downloading the log for the current month, it will contain data BEFORE the current date.