2.24.15. Mail blacklist

Mail blacklist is a list of IP addresses of mail servers, domains and mailboxes from which letters will never be delivered to your mailboxes and will be rejected by our mail server. In this case, the bump stop with an error should be automatically returned to the sender. "550 5.7.1 Sender blacklisted".

The blacklist is managed in the section "Hosting → Black list":

Important points:

  • Blacklisted values are checked for full match. This means that adding a record to the list "com" will not prohibit receiving mail from all .COM domains. Each domain must be specified separately.
  • Be extremely careful when adding entries to the blacklist, especially when blocking IP addresses — the necessary letters may come from the same addresses.
  • You cannot add entire subnets to the list, only individual IP addresses.
  1. Clickon "Add entry to blacklist":
  2. Specify the IP addresses, domains or mailboxes from which you want to block mail (each entry in a separate line), and click "Add":
  1. Switch to the tab of the type you want ("IP addresses ", "Domains" or "Emails").
  2. Find the entry you want to delete in the list and click the cross next to it:
  1. Switch to the tab of the type you want ("IP addresses ", "Domains" or "Emails").
  2. Clickon "Delete all":

Clickon "Clear blacklist":