2.24.8. Cleaning your mailbox

To delete messages only older than a certain number of days, you can use special script.

If the mailbox takes up a lot of space and there are many letters that are no longer needed, then it should be emptied. There are several ways to clean up your mailbox:


The cleanup function removes all emails from ofall mailbox folders.

To delete all letters from the mailbox, you can use the cleanup functionality available in the control panel in the section "Mailboxes":

When using a mail client, you need to consider the way it connects to the mailbox:

  • If the client connects using the POP3 protocol, in most cases all messages can be deleted on the server and downloaded to the device. Connecting a mail client using this protocol can resolve the issue with cleaning the mailbox on the server.
  • If the client connects via IMAP, the mail client will send commands to the server to delete messages when they are deleted in the client. Some email clients have the option of archiving letters to the trash can or deleting letters only on the client side.

Instructions for working with popular email clients can be found here.