Setting up an answering machine

An autoresponder allows you to automatically send a response letter with pre-prepared information in response to each incoming letter.


  • The answering machine answers each address no more than once every 30 minutes. This is necessary to avoid possible looping in situations where the sender also has an autoresponder enabled.
  • Users who have mailbox access but do not have control panel access can set up an autoresponder using filters WebMail.
  1. Openup settings mailbox.
  2. Check the box next to "Turn on answering machine", fill in the fields and click "Save":
    • "Autoresponder header" - specify the subject of the reply letter.
    • "Autoresponder mail text" - specify the content of the response letter in plain text (HTML-code won't work).
  3. Test your answering machine.

To disable the autoresponder in the mailbox settings, uncheck the box opposite "Turn on answering machine" and save your changes.