Data for connecting to a mailbox

The following data is used to connect to the mailbox, which can be found in the section "Mailboxes":

  • Login or Username - full name of the mailbox.
  • Password - password for the mailbox. Important! For security reasons, passwords from mailboxes are not stored on the hosting. If you have forgotten the password for the desired mailbox, then you can only set a new one with the button "Change password" or do it in settings mailbox.
  • Server — mail.adm.tools (used for both incoming and outgoing mail).
  • Ports:
    • POP3 (only receiving mail, no synchronization possible):
      • 110 - unencrypted connection.
      • 995 - encrypted connection (SSL).
    • IMAP (receiving and syncing mail — preferred over POP3):
      • 143 - unencrypted connection.
      • 993 - encrypted connection (SSL).
    • SMTP (sending mail):
      • 25 or 2525 - unencrypted connection.
      • 465 - encrypted connection (SSL).

This data is used when setting up a connection to a mailbox in various mail clients and when setting up sending mail via SMTP in popular CMS: