Changing the mailbox password

Important points:

  • Password must be from 8 to 30 characters long and include one or more characters of each of the following types: Latin letters, numbers, special characters +!@;#$%^&*~()-..
  • Changing the password will automatically reset all active sessions with this mailbox.

By default, the mailbox password can be changed by both the mail domain administrator and the mailbox user:

  • A mail domain administrator is the owner of the account that hosts the mailbox. He can change the password in the hosting control panel in settings mailbox.
  • A mailbox user is the one to whom the administrator has provided the username and password from the mailbox to work with it through WebMail or other mail client... Knowing the current password, he can change it to dedicated page or login page in WebMail using the button "Change password":

Changing the password affects the ability to direct login to WebMail from section "Mailboxes" hosting control panel.

If the button is displayed next to the box "Log-in", then the password for the mailbox was last changed by the administrator:In this case:

  • The administrator can enter the mailbox directly from the control panel without the need to enter a username and password.
  • User can enter the box using login and passwordif the administrator tells him the login and the current password for the mailbox.

If opposite the box instead of the button "Log-in" the button is displayed "WebMail", then the password from the mailbox was changed by the user:In this case:

  • User can enter the box using login and passwordusing the login and the current password from the mailbox.
  • Administrator can not enter the box directly — it can only enter the box using login and passwordif the user tells him the new password for the mailbox.

In a situation where the user did not provide the administrator with the current password, or the administrator wants to close access to the user or return the ability to directly log in to WebMaill, he can set a new password in settings mailbox.

Users can restrict the ability to independently change the password from the box. To do this, you need to enable WebMail design for the required domain and make sure that the checkbox is opposite "Allow users to change their mailbox passwords" removed.