Setting up a redirect

Redirect allows you to automatically forward all incoming mail to other addresses.


  • You can enable redirection only at the level antispam not below average.
  • Redirect cannot be enabled for a mailbox to which messages are already being forwarded using a redirect enabled in the settings of another mailbox on the hosting. To remedy the situation, you need to remove the mailbox from the redirect settings of another mailbox.
  • You can also set up a redirect of letters using filters in WebMail.
  • The redirect will not work for emails sent from the same mailboxes to which the redirect is configured.

It should be borne in mind that the fight against spam in the modern world has led to the fact that mail forwarding does not always work correctly. The better the sender's mail domain is protected, the less chances that the letter will be accepted by the mail server where the mailbox to which the redirect is performed is located. Detailed information can be found here... An alternative solution could be to use a mail collector (for example, as in Gmail) instead of a redirect.

  1. Openup settings mailbox.
  2. Set the redirect settings and click "Save:
    • Check the box next to "Enable redirect" and in the field "Redirect mail to" specify a list of addresses to which all incoming mail sent to this mailbox should be forwarded:
    • If you want copies of forwarded letters to be saved on our mail server, additionally check the box next to "Keep copies of letters":


      If saving copies is disabled, forwarded mail will not be stored on our mail server and will not go to the inbox in the mailbox.
  3. Check if the redirect works.
    When checking a redirect, you need to send it from any mailbox that not specified in field "Redirect mail to"... This is due to the fact that in order to avoid possible looping, letters are not forwarded to the mailboxes from which they came.