Setting up a Gmail mail collector

  1. In the main window Gmail click on the gear button and select "Settings":
  2. Switch to tab "Accounts and imports" and opposite "Receive mail from other accounts" click "Add mail account":
  3. Pleaseindicate title mailbox and press "Further":
  4. Make sure the switch is set opposite "Import emails from another account (POP3)", and press "Further":
  5. Fill in the fields and click "Add account":
    • "Username - specify title mailbox.
    • "Password" - specify password mailbox.
    • "POPserver" - specify mail.adm.tools.
    • "Port" - select 995.
    • "Save copies of received emails on the server" - check the box so that messages are not deleted from the server after they are uploaded to Gmail.
    • "Always use secure connection (SSL) when receiving emails" - check the box to download messages via an encrypted connection.
    • "Label incoming messages" - if you want to mark collected letters with a label, check the box and select the desired label.
    • "Archive incoming emails (skip incoming)" - if you need not to put the collected letters in the inbox, but immediately archive, check the box.
  6. If you need to be able not only to receive letters, but also to send, make sure that the switch is checked next to "Yes, I want to be able to send emails from admin@example.com", and press "Further":
  7. Fill in the fields and click "Further":
    • "Name" - enter your name in any form.
    • "Use as an alias" - check the box.
  8. Fill in the fields and click "Add account":
    • "SMTP server" - specify mail.adm.tools.
    • "Port" - select 465.
    • "Username - specify title mailbox.
    • "Password" - specify password mailbox.
    • Set the switch opposite "Secure connection using SSL (recommended)" sending was done over an encrypted connection.
  9. Open pluggable mailbox in WebMail and follow the link from the confirmation email, or copy the code from the email, paste it into the field and click "Confirm":
  10. Check mail work through the interface Gmail.

If you are setting up a mail collector not in your regular Gmail mailbox, but in a domain mailbox in Google Workspace (G Suite), then it may not be allowed to use the outgoing mail gateway: In this case, you should contact the administrator of the Google Workspace (G Suite) account to which your Google mailbox is linked to allow the use of an outgoing mail gateway. Details on how to do this can be found in official documentation Google.