Setting up the Claws Mail mail client

When you start the mail client for the first time Claws Mail opens master, with which the first mail account is set up. Subsequent mail accounts are configured through the menu.

  1. Click "Forward" On the page "Welcome to Claws Mail":
  2. Fill in the fields on the page "About You" and press "Forward":
    • "Your name" - your name in free form.
    • "Your email address" — mailbox name.
  3. Specify incoming mail settings on the page "Receiving mail" and press "Forward":
    • "Server type" — "IMAP".
    • "Server address" — mail.adm.tools.
    • "Username" — mailbox name.
    • "Password" — mailbox password.
    • "Use SSL/TLS to connect to receiving server" — turn it on.
    • "IMAP server directory" — INBOX. (with a dot).
  4. Specify outgoing mail settings on the page "Sending mail" and press "Forward":
    • "SMTP server address" — mail.adm.tools.
    • "Use authentication" — turn it on.
    • "Use SSL/TLS to connect to SMTP server" — turn it on.
  5. Click "Save" On the page "Configuration finished":
  6. If, when connecting, a window appears with a notification about an unknown certificate, click in it "Accept and save":
  7. Check your mail.
  1. Click "Configuration → Create new account…" in the top menu:
  2. Fill in the fields in the settings window of the new account in the section "Basic":
    • "Name of account" — the name of the created account in any form.
    • Section "Personal information":
      • "Full name" — your name in any form.
      • "Mail address" — mailbox name.
    • Section "Server information":
      • "Protocol" — "IMAP".
      • "Server for receiving" — mail.adm.tools.
      • "SMTP server (send)" — mail.adm.tools.
      • "User ID" — mailbox name.
      • "Password" — mailbox password.
  3. Pleaseindicate INBOX. (with a dot) in the field "IMAP server directory" in section "Receive":
  4. Turnon "SMTP Authentication (SMTP AUTH)" in section "Send":
  5. Specify the encryption settings in the section "SSL/TLS" and press "OK":
    • In sections "IMAP" and "Send (SMTP)" choose "Use SSL/TLS".
    • "Automatically accept valid SSL/TLS certificates" — enable so that when connecting, a window with a notification about an unknown certificate is not displayed.
  6. Check your mail.