Setting up the Opera Mail mail client

Outdated client!

Opera Mail is no longer being developed or supported by its developers. We recommend using other mail clients that are relevant at the moment.
  1. Open the application menu and tap "Mailboxes…":
  2. Click "Add to…":
  3. Pleaseselect "Email" and press "Further":
  4. Fill in the fields and click "Further":
    • "Full name" - your name in free form.
    • "Email address mail" — mailbox name.
    • "Organization" — the name of your organization in any form (optional).
  5. Enter the mailbox details, select the protocol and click "Further":
  6. Specify the server address, set up security and click "Tocomplete":
    • "Incoming mail server" and "Outgoing mail server" — mail.adm.tools.
    • "Secure connection (TLS)" - enable for incoming and outgoing mail.
  7. Open the application menu and tap "Mailboxes…":
  8. Select the added account and click "Edit…":
  9. Switch to tab "Server", change the ports and click "OK":
    • Incoming IMAP mail server:
      • "Server" — mail.adm.tools.
      • "Port number" — 993.
      • "Secure (TLS)" — turn it on.
      • "Authentication" — "Auto".
      • "Username" — mailbox name.
    • Outgoing SMTP mail server:
      • "Server" — mail.adm.tools.
      • "Port number" — 465.
      • "Secure (TLS)" — turn it on.
      • "Authentication" — "Auto".
      • "Username" — mailbox name.
  10. Check your mail.