RainLoop Web Client

RainLoop Is a simple, modern and fast web mail client. Written in PHP, has built-in caching mechanisms that increase performance and reduce server load. It can be placed on your hosting and used instead of WebMail to work with mailboxes... Demo version available by URL.

  • Works with mail via IMAP and SMTP protocols, supports SSL and STARTTLS.
  • Supports many functions of desktop applications: drag-and-drop, hotkeys, address auto-completion, etc.
  • Various interface languages and themes are available.
  • Lets you store a list contacts in a SQLite or MySQL database, or in PostgeSQL on a third-party server.
  • Supports integration with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox.
  • The functionality can be extended using plugins.
  • There is a possibility of customization (simple in the free version and advanced in the paid version).
  • You can use whitelists to restrict access to the client side only for certain mail accounts.
  • Supports OpenPGP encryption and key management.
  • For the administrative part, you can enable 2-Step Verification.
  • A mobile version is available.
  • Easy to update (in the Standart edition - in one click from the administrative part, in the Community edition - by simply replacing the files).
  1. In the administrative part of the mail client customizable mail domains, with the boxes you will need to work with.
  2. The client is logged in with the name of the mailbox and its password.
  3. The mail client connects to the mail server and allows you to fully work with mail: read, send, forward, search, delete letters, create folders, add contacts, etc.
  1. Openup download page and download the archive with a suitable version of the free distribution:
    • Community edition — can be used commercially, updated manually only.
    • Standart edition - for non-commercial use only, supports one-click update.
  2. Download archive for hosting and unpack him in site root directory.
  3. In a subdirectory data create a file .htaccess with content like this:
    Require all denied
  4. Log into your RainLoop admin panel:
    1. Open the login page by adding to the site name ?admin (forexample, mail.example.com/?admin).
    2. Enter the default access data: login admin and password 12345.
  5. For security purposes, change the default access data to your own:
    1. Open the section "Security".
    2. Fill in the fields in the block "Admin Panel Access Credentials" and press "Update Password":
      • "Current password" - enter the current password 12345.
      • "New login" - leave admin or write your own version instead.
      • "New password" and "Repeat" — enter the new password twice.
To reset the password to standard, you need to open the file data/_data_/_default_/configs/application.ini and in the line with the parameter admin_password replace the old password hash with 12345.

In the standard distribution, mail domains are already added by default: gmail.com, outlook.com, qq.com and yahoo.com. Of these, only gmail.com is activated, the rest are disabled.

  1. Log in to the admin area.
  2. Open the section "Domains".
  3. Click "Add Domain":
  4. Enter the data to connect to the mail server, click "Test" and then "Add":
    • "Name" — enter the name of your mail domain.
    • "IMAP" — incoming mail settings:
      • "Server" - specify mail.adm.tools.
      • "Port" — specify 993.
      • "Secure" — select "SSL/TLS".
      • "Use short login" - make sure the checkbox is unchecked.
    • "SMTP" — outgoing mail settings:
      • "Server" - specify mail.adm.tools.
      • "Port" — specify 465.
      • "Secure" — select "SSL/TLS".
      • "Use short login" - make sure the checkbox is unchecked.
      • "Use authentication" - make sure the checkbox is checked.

When multiple domains use the same mail server, you can use aliases (aliases) to avoid specifying the same settings for each domain separately.

  1. Log in to the admin area.
  2. Open the section "Domains".
  3. Click "Add Alias".
  4. In field "Alias" enter the name of the new domain, in the field "Domain" select the previously added mail domain and click "Add".

RainLoop allows you to work in the client side with several mailboxes at once and quickly switch between them through the user menu in the upper right corner.

Mailboxes are managed in the section "Settings → Accounts"... To add a mailbox, click "Add an Account", specify the full name of the mailbox to be added, its password and click "Add"... In the same place, you can delete the added box by clicking on the trash can button to the right of it.

  1. Log in to the admin area.
  2. Open the section "Contacts".
  3. Check the box next to "Enable contacts".
  4. In the block "Storage (PDO)" in field "Type" select the storage you want:
    • "SQLite" - a compact database that is stored as a file in the mail client directory. Attention! Not recommended for use with a large number of active users.
    • "MySQL" — full database, requires additional settings:
    • "PostgreSQL" - a full-fledged database, hosted not supportedbut can be hosted on a third party server.
  5. Click "Test".