Setting up the Vivaldi Mail client

The built-in email client is available in the Vivaldi browser starting since version 4.0.
  1. Open your browser settings with the shortcut Ctrl+F12 or via the main menu:
  2. In chapter "Mail" at the bottom of the list of accounts, click ➕, please enter full name mailbox and press "Manual setting":
  3. Specify connection settings and click "Add account":
    • Make sure to select "IMAP".
    • Incoming mail:
    • Outgoing mail:
      • "Outgoing server" — mail.adm.tools
      • "Port" — 465.
      • "Connection type" — "SSL/TLS".
      • "Username" — mailbox name.
      • "Password" — mailbox password.
  4. If necessary, specify the sender's name and signature, additional settings, and click "Farther":
  5. Close the settings and check the mail is working.