Set up Outlook 2013 calendar synchronization (CalDAV)

  1. Create a connection to access the calendar in WebMail.
  2. Download Latest version of CalDAV add-on archive for Outlook:
  3. Unpack the ZIP archive.
  4. Close the Outlook app.
  5. Run the file CalDavSynchronizer.Setup.msi and install it.
  6. Start the Outlook app and in the tab "CalDav Synchronizer" click "Synchronization Profiles":
  7. In the window that appears, select "Generic CalDAV/CardDAV" and press "OK":
  8. Please fill in the required information in the following fields:
    • "Name" — specify an arbitrary name for the synchronization profile.
    • "Outlook folder" — click on the button with three dots and select "Calendar".
    • "Synchronize items immediately after change" — check the box if you want the synchronization to be performed forcibly immediately after any changes in the calendar.
    • "DAV URL" — specify the alternative URL obtained in step 1 (creating the connection).
    • "Username" — specify the user from the first step.
    • "Password" — enter the password from the first step.
    • "Email address" — specify the mailbox that will be used to work with calendar events.
    • "Synchronization mode" — select the synchronization mode with the calendar.
    • "Synchronization interval" — select the interval for automatic synchronization in minutes.
  9. Click "OK" and check if synchronization works.