Sync Outlook over IMAP

In Outlook 2013 and 2016, sent emails are saved in a folder "Sent" (if there is a Russian interface) or in the folder "Sent Items" (if there is an English interface).

In Outlook 2010 the folder "Sent" can be changed and specified there "Sent" even in the Russian version:

V WebMail folder "Sent" in reality is called "INBOX.Sent":For normal synchronization, you need the same in Outlook and in other mail clients.

First, in the mailbox settings in the field "Root folder path" need to indicate INBOX. (with a dot):

Next, copies of the folders will appear in WebMail:

And in Outlook:These 4 folders are created by WebMail after creation mailbox and the first entry into it.

In this case, emails sent via WebMail and Outlook will be stored in different folders - "INBOX.Sent" and "INBOXSent".

Since there is no way to rename the folder in newer versions of Outlook "Sent" and "Sent Items" in "Sent", you need to do the following:

  1. Install English for Editing, Interface and Help:
  2. Delete all mailboxes in Outlook and re-create them. There will be such a picture:
  3. Close Outlook in WebMail under "Settings → Folders" delete the folders that Outlook created:
  4. Follow the path C:\Users\name_user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook and delete the file .ost with the mailbox name (the file path can be found in Outlook under "Account settings → Data files"):
  5. Start Outlook. It will be seen that new folders have been pulled up:

And another moment. In WebMail, you can specify in which folder to save sent emails: