Setting up the Outlook 2013 mail client

  1. Open the section "File":
  2. In the tab "Intelligence" click "Add account":
  3. Pleaseselect "Manual configuration or additional server types" and press "Further":
  4. Pleaseselect "POP or IMAP" and press "Further":
  5. Fill out the form and click "Other settings…":
    • User information:
      • "Enter your name" - enter your name in any form.
      • "Email address" - specify title mailbox.
    • Server Information:
      • "Account type" — select IMAP.
      • "Incoming mail server" — specify mail.adm.tools.
      • "Outgoing mail server (SMTP)" — specify mail.adm.tools.
    • Login to the system:
      • "User " - specify title mailbox.
      • "Password" - specify password mailbox.
      • "Secure Password Checker (SPA)" — check mark necessarily must be removed.
  6. Switch to tab "Outgoing mail server", check the box next to "SMTP Server Requires Authentication" and make sure the switch is set opposite "Same as server for incoming mail":
  7. Switch to tab "More", fill out the form and click "OK"::
    • Server port numbers:
      • "IMAPserver" — specify the port 993.
      • "Use the following type of encrypted connection" - select SSL.
      • "SMTPServer" — specify the port 465
      • "Use the following type of encrypted connection" - select SSL.
    • Folders:
      • "Root folder path" — specify INBOX. (with a dot).
  8. Wait until the account settings are verified and click "Close":
  9. Click "Done":
  10. Check your mail.