Configuring Calendar Synchronization in Thunderbird (CalDAV)

  1. Create a connection to access the calendar in WebMail.
  2. In Thunderbird, go to the calendar section by clicking on the marked button:
  3. In the calendar, you need to right-click on the calendar field and select "New calendar…":
  4. In the window that opens, check the radio button opposite "Online" and press "Next":
  5. In field "Format" set the switch opposite "CalDAV", then in the fields "Address" and "Username" specify an alternative URL and username, respectively, obtained during step 1 (creating a connection):
  6. Fill in the fields:
    • "Name" — specify the name of the calendar that will be displayed in the general list of all existing calendars.
    • "Email mail" — select a mailbox, created in Thunderbird to which the calendar will be linked.
  7. Clickon "Next" and complete the calendar creation process.