Delete old emails with Thunderbird


The information in this article is for guidance only and is not an accurate instruction.

Quite often, old letters can be stored in e-mail, which have already lost their relevance and are no longer needed, but still take up space. It is necessary to remove them from time to time, but this process can be automated. Thunderbird has a filter creation functionality with which you can organize the automatic deletion of messages. To do this, do the following:

  1. Log into Thunderbird, click on the mailbox name and go to the menu "Managing message filters":
  2. Select the required mailbox and click "Create a ":
  3. Set up the filter:
    1. Specify an arbitrary name for the filter.
    2. Select the necessary items for the methods of starting the filtering. To automate the process of deleting old letters, specify "Periodically, every 10 minutes".
    3. Pleaseselect "Fulfillment of all conditions".
    4. Specify the necessary conditions for triggering filter actions. To avoid deleting important emails, add to the conditions ignore emails with high priority or necessary tags. You can add new conditions by clicking the button +... We recommend setting the following conditions:
      Condition Parameter Value Description
      Importanceless thanHigh The filter will be applied only to messages for which the value "Importance" normal or lower.
      Tags does not contain Important The filter will not be applied to emails that have been tagged "Important"... You can add many similar conditions to save emails with different labels.
      Age in days more than 365 The filter will only apply to emails older than 365 days. You can specify an arbitrary value.
    5. Specify the required actions when executing the filter:
      Action Parameter Description
      Copy message to Remote to Local folders This action is only necessary if the letters need to be saved. The destination directory for saving may be different.
      Delete message Action to delete a message. This action should be placed last in the action list.
  4. Save the filter by clicking "OK" and check it works. For a test in the filters window, you can start its execution manually by selecting the required filter and target directory: