"Disconnecting" a mailbox

For "disconnections" mailbox without it deleting you can use WebMail.Online filters and use them to delete all incoming letters and / or set up an answering machine.

  1. Create new WebMail.Online filter rule.
  2. Set the conditions for the rule and click "Create a new filter":
    • "Filter name" — arbitrary name of the filter.
    • "Region" — "all messages" (so that the filter action applies to all incoming messages).
    • "Actions" — "Delete message" (to delete all incoming mail).
    • Click ➕ to add another action.
    • In the settings for the new action, select "Reply with message" and set the following values:
      • "Message subject" — email subject (title subject), which will be sent in response to the sender.
      • "Message text" — the text of the letter that will be sent in response to the sender.
      • "E-mail" — title fromindicating the sender of the reply message.


        We strongly recommend that you do not specify third-party mailboxes in the same or another domain, as this may lead to problems in the further delivery of mail for the entire domain.
      • "How often to send messages" — leave empty.