Set up CalDAV calendar synchronization in WebMail

In order to be able to use CalDAV-synchronization of the mailbox calendar and mail clients, log in to the mailbox where you plan to use the calendar using WebMail and follow these steps:

  1. Go to section "Calendar" in WebMail.
  2. Edit or create a new calendar.
  3. Go to section "Synchronize calendar".
  4. "Display name" — provide a name for the new connection. (This name will only be used to identify the desired connection in the list.)
  5. "Password" — specify the password that will be used to connect (must contain at least 10 characters). Important: save or remember the specified password, it will not be possible to change or display it in the future.
  6. "Read only" — a parameter that prevents mail clients from changing calendar events on the server.
  7. Click "Add to".
  8. A field will appear below the page "Your CalDav connection", which will display the data for the connection:
    • "URL" — the address to connect to for calendar synchronization.
    • "Alternative URL" — an alternative address, the connection to which does not request access data. (Not all email clients support this functionality.)
    • "Username" — username to use to connect.
    • "Password" — the password is not displayed and will not be displayed in the connection data. You cannot recover the password, you can only re—create the connection.